Monday, July 18, 2011

Weapons Cleaning

Finally had a chance to sit down and do a comic while I'm in Pre-MOB. I know this is going to lead to some furious Airmen, but hell with it.

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  1. Hey, this old retired AF Major is getting a good laugh out of this one. Thanks! I should explain though - My first enlistment was as a Navy Corpsman, 2 MARDIV, and I learned my weapons maintenace real well. Twenty some years later, I'm in an outfit that does humanitarian operations and we need to be responsible for our own security...and I've got senior NCOs that haven't touched a rifle since Basic...suffice it to say, my team got used to me walking into the office with weapons and calling a no-notice blindfolded fieldstrip, reassemble and ops check - or unannounced range days. But for the majority of the AF, this cartoon is dead-on.